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Cecile ISOREZ is the founder and the owner of SOUTH FLORIDA ELITE REALTY.
She’s a real estate agent and part of the prestigious Brokerage Company GRAND REALTY OF AMERICA in Miami.
She has been working as an attorney in France for almost 20 years.

100720Cecile_Isorez095Holder of a degree in French Real Estate Law and Property Law, she has always been keen to advise her clients in the management and development of their heritage.
Married to Laurent ISOREZ, one of the top Floridian Business Broker, she has learnt the real estate process and has decided to get her real estate license in Florida.
Through her experience, knowledge, coaching and network, she has created the best team and uses the best tools for her clients to have a smooth experience in the real estate adventure.
Having a global network, people eager to sell their property will be assured that she will do everything possible to find a buyer not only in the United States, but also in Europe or the Caribbean.
She speaks English, French, Spanish and Italian which makes communication and exchanges easier with her foreign network.

Another really unique feature of working with Cecile ISOREZ is her network at GRAND REALTY OF AMERICA.
GRAND REALTY OF AMERICA is a prestigious Brokerage that operates like a family.
They share information, properties, tools, assistance that help people buy, sell and lease real estate no whether company has.

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